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Intel vs Amd ? which processpr sholud choose in 2021s ,What are types of Processor-TechNilesh

Intel vs Amd ? which sholud choose in 2021-TechNilesh

Intel vs Amd ? which sholud choose in 2021-TechNilesh


    Intel vs Amd ? which sholud choose in 2021-TechNilesh

    intel was introduced by Robert Noyce at silicon Valley. the intel full form is (Integrated Circuit) .this This is the strongest processor in the computer industry. the first processor launched by intel is the intel ® 4004 processor. .The intel is the leading MNC in the processor industry. intel has launched, intel duo core, i3,i5,i7,i9&i10 (for 7th,8th,9th,10th &11th generation).
    for normal usage the budget processor is the i3 & i5.for gaming and coding the i7,i9&i10 processor is launched by the intel.


    intel made the future after developing the new processor, which has the ability to run the supercomputer. The 11 gen processor of intel having a powerful performance. The market of intel is larger than the AMD processor market. The feature of intel is a new architecture. The new architecture comes up with large optimization, which provides better gaming, video experience, and also lag-free user interface (UI).
    another feature of intel is the CPU system developed by the intel, which boosts the CPU ( Intel Turbo Boost Technology
    ) to the next level. also, the intel introduces the cache latency technology for temporary memory.

    Performance of Intel

    list of some processor with benchmark score and performance
    • I 3   - Core i3-8086K 2.7 GHz (6 cores) benchmark score 1123
    • I 5   - Core i5-10600KF 4.1 GHz (6 cores) benchmark score 1453
    • I 7   - Core i7-8900K 3.6 GHz (8 cores)benchmark score 1597
    • I 9  -Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz (8 cores) benchmark score 1697
    These are some powerful processors of intel which has low to high performance.in the i3 you get normal performance which useful from normal usage. the i5& i7 are moderate performance processors which use for gaming but not high-end gaming. the i9 &i10  is especially for coders and gamers who require stronger hardware with the best performance. also, the clock speed of the intel ranges from 2.8GHZ to 4.0Ghz. the intel processor is the strongest chipset which uses by HP, Mac, Dell, Lenovo, Avita& many computer manufactures.

    advantages of Intel

    • This processor is the strongest processor with beast performances
    • this processor comes up with intel turbo technology which boosts the CPU i.e. performances increases.
    • This processor having high Optimization than AMD processors.
    • This processor has the best cooling technology.
    • This processor has no bugs or lag issues.
    • This processor has a smooth experience.
    • for gaming, This processor is the best.
    • Runs cooler for a longer time.
    • more efficient than AMD
    • Has efficiency of 4socket/16 cores

    disadvantages of Intel

    • This processor has a high cost.
    • The budget processor has weak performance in gaming.
    • not having many disadvantages of intel processer


    Intel vs Amd ? which sholud choose in 2021-TechNilesh

    AMD full form is Advanced Micro Devices, which is introduced by jerry Sanders at silicon valley. This is a big Semiconductor manufacturing company. The first Processor introduced by the AMD is Am9080 .which is a very small chip. the AMD is named for a cheaper cost processor as compared to the intel.
    The AMD processor has performances but the feature, as compared to intel, is less. The AMD gives the best performance at a cheaper price, the prices of devices are less as compare to the device contain Intel chips. Also, the AMD produces the  Powerful Processor which is more stronger than the Intel like  AMD Ryzen 9 series, which has 12 core and 3.4 GHz with the fastest user experiences 

    Performance of AMD

    • AMD Ryzen 9 - 3.4 GHz 16 core  benchmark score 1697
    • AMD Ryzen 7 - 3.8 GHz 8 core benchmark score 1676
    • AMD Ryzen 5 - 3.7 GHz 6 core benchmark score 1620

    advantages of AMD

    • The cost is low. i.e. cheaper price than intel.
    • The Clock Speed range from 2 GHz to 3.8 GHz
    • fast processing
    • higher variant is stronger than intel
    • it capable of 8socket/32cores
    • AI is more in AMD processors

    Disadvantages of AMD

    • AMD is less efficient than Intel.
    • the big disadvantage of the AMD processors is the heating issue. while gaming the processor heat up to high temp.
    • This processor is not as fast as the Intel

    Intel vs Amd ? which sholud choose in 2021-TechNilesh


    as I am tech enthusiastic, I always preferred the intel processor but the 9th series of AMD much more powerful than the intel .for normal usage I recommend the intel i5 & i7 processors .for gaming I will recommend both AMD rayzen 9th series and intel i9 & i10. 


    Que: how to identify my Intel Processor?

    Ans: Open the start menu and find the system information setting.if you got then there is 

    Que: how to identify my AMD Processor?
    Ans: Open the start menu and find the system information setting.if you got then there is

     Que: Where can I find all intel Processor?
    Ans: on the benchmark site or official site of intel.(intel.com)

     Que: Where can I find all intel Processor?
    Ans: on the benchmark site or official site of AMD.(AMD.com)

    Que: what can I do to prevent overheating of processors?
    Ans: To reduce overheating, don't play games at a high setting and charge the device properly.for CPU should have the free air that air can easily go inside the device

    Que: How can I test my processor?
    Ans: the intel and AMD have given the software or go to the task manager .in the task manager all details of processor and how much CPU is using space.

    Que: how to find the temp of the processor?
    Ans: the dedicated software for the processor is given by the company, where you can get information of  processor performance, clock speed, the temp of processor & many more information

    Que: For mor Faq comment in box?

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