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React Native vs flutter ? Feature , frameworks ,guide ,updates ,which is the best- TechNilesh

What’s a flutter?,What’s a react native?, What’s the purpose of Flutter? / Why build a flutter?,React vs flutter ? Feature , frameworks ,guide

 React Native vs Flutter ?  Feature , frameworks ,guide ,updates ?

    Hello Guys we are going to learn the difference between flutter and react native. which is programming language and framework  to choose in 2021. 

    React Native

     The React Native is a mobile application framework.The React is developed by the Facebook engineers. on 2013, the Facebook Hackathon event launched the React Native.

      The React Native is based on JavaScript.The React Native is used to develop the Andriod & ios App. The mobile app develops using java ,kotlin & swift. The React also uses the same Widgets used in the flutter.

    Feature &frameworks:

    The React Native is the mobile app frameworks, to make a native app. the React native develop an app that has the same UI on both Andriod and ios devices (e.g. the android user has a layout that contained any button, the ios user has the same button at the same position with same looks ). The React Native uses the native components for making UI .react big feature is that when the user updates the operating system,the app Ui also gets Upgraded. The React also uses the some other libraries which is not present in the Flutter.

    Like flutter, react don't support the sharing of code. the flutter supports a single code that works for both Andriod and ios. but in react the limited libraries support sharing of code.The react has the most important feature that it can separately developed android and ios app at the same place. therefore developer has a choice to chose which platform to used or both platforms should used.

    React Native Projects

    the flutter. 



    4) TESLA

    5) WIX

    6) SKYPE 

    ADVANTAGES OF Flutter?

    • The React native has (6+ year of experience in market)
    • The community of react is large and vast and growing same as Futter
    • Easy To learn and developed
    • code has reusability ( use for web app )
    • The libraries in react make easy to development

    • In react native you have to handle background common activity
    • If you want to develop only an ios app then used and if you want to develop the android app then used flutter.
    • The andriod has less community support
    • To implement the blutooh communication, in react it is difficult


    The flutter is developed by the google and launched in Dec 2018 at the Google I/o
    event . The Flutter is a portable UI tool kit for making native apps. The flutter is an open-source project by Google. The Flutter is based on the dart programming language, a dart is developed by the Google engineer . The Flutter is a very fast and responsive user interface.

    Flutter is used to develop the web, app (Andriod / ios ) , and desktop application. the popularity of flutter is greater than React. The native performance of flutter is high.

    Feature &frameworks:

    The Flutter is used to develop the native app, which means the same look on both android and ios devices. The Single data code developed native app i.e. we can make android and ios apps using the same data code & data sets.The Flutter has two types of the widgets i.e. Google widgets &Cupertino widgets.
     the google widget use to developed for Andriod UI implementation &theCupertino widget use to develop for ios UI implementation.
    the Flutter make Single user interface for both Andriod & ios device. that user can have the same experience on both Andriod & ios. The Flutter Can easily share the native app to the system: Andriod, ios, Linux, windows,&web.

    Flutter Projects

    The projects developed by Google Ads app, My BMW. The Flutter is much faster than native development.

    ADVANTAGES OF Flutter?

    • The Flutter Has rich UI and rich widgets.
    • The Growth of flutter is exponential.
    • The Community growth is faster than any other growth.
    • The popularity of flutter on the Github is much more .
    • The web development is growing more by flutter.


    • The Flutter requires the native liberay for installing to different os.
    • When you want to develop a small or single-page app the don't use the flutter.
    • You create a minimalist UI, but your device hardware requires to run the UI.

    Which is the best framework?



    system  According to the requirements of the client or app, we should choose the framework.if we need to just develop and native app for android the goes for flutter because the support community of Andriod flutter is stronger than the react-native android community.
    If we want to develop ios,web, desktop, and android app then go for flutter rather than react .but if you want to develop only ios and Andriod then go for react-native.
    The flutter is more effective than react native, and also dart is easy than javascript. so by the all information I gathered with my experiences, I strongly recommend flutter but also the react-native also .for more faq comment in box i will give an proper answer


    Q1:What’s a react native?

    Ans: React Native is a mobile application development framework. This is used to develop the android,web and ios app. this is help to make a native app.

    Q2:What’s a flutter?

    Ans: Flutter is The UI development kit and has widgets libraries. This is used to develop the android, web, and ios app. this is help to make a native app.

    Q3: What’s the purpose of Flutter? / Why build a flutter?

    Ans: Flutter has native app development .the single code used to developed apps for the different operating systems.a single code used to implement the android, ios, web, and decktop application.

    Q4: What’s the purpose of? / Why build a react native?

    Ans: React Native has native app development .the single code used to developed apps for the different operating systems.a single code used to implement the android, ios, web, and decktop application.but react native has limitation of reuse of code.

    Q5:What apps are built with React Native?


    Q6:What apps are built with Flutter?

    Ans: Google ads app , Philips.

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