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what gaming development require ,how the game developed ?

What is gaming development & requirement ? how the game developed?

What is gaming development & requirement? how the game developed?

Hellos guys today we are exploring the video gaming industry and how the game is developed by the gaming engineers. The video gaming industry is growing exponentially on a large scale. A large no of games is launched by the many video gaming companies games like GTA 5 ( All series 1,2,3,4,5) by Rockstar studio & Cricket (2007,2010) by EA sports.The game development is also a big future for engineers. Today we are exploring the path to develop the game and which programming language is required and which skill do have to become a gaming developer. 

gaming development require.

    C# (C Sharp )

    what gaming development require ,how the game developed ?

    The best language for game development is c#. This language is similar to java and c,c++ programming. The Language is best because it used in AR & VR and ios development also. The best part of this programming language is the OOP (object-oriented programming) .this language works on .NET Frameworks. To build a game or AR & VR app,C# connects with unity to make it easier for developers.This is better language form other like c++ ,c ,Javascript ,html & Python 

    Engine for C# (Sharp)

    • Adventure Game Interpretter.
    • Anvil.
    • Cry Engine.

    List of games developed on C#

    • Hangman Game.
    • Tower Of Hanoi.
    • Number Guessing Game.
    • Prefix game.

    Advantages of C#

    • Object-Oriented Programming.
    • Backward Compatibility.
    • Better Interoperability.
    • Cross-Platform.
    • Garbage Collection.


    what gaming development require ,how the game developed ?

    Python is also used for Gaming Development, python can make prototypes and games in a more efficient way. Many games developed by python but this language is more efficient for game development.

    Engine Python.

    • BigWord.
    • Blender.
    • Blend4web.
    • Cocos2D.

    List of games developed on Python.

    • Pirates of Carbine.
    • Online EVX.

    Advantages of Python.

    • Object-Oriented Programming.
    • Best and easy to learn.
    • Syntex is easy.
    • many libraries are present.

    Disadvantages of Python.

    • Not more efficient.


    what gaming development require ,how the game developed ?

    JavaScript also helps to develop the game, which is more intensive. for frontend, development we require the HTML and The javascript to do all Backend programming. The Best Java script engines for game developments are Melon.JS, Phaser.js, Konnekt.

    Engine For Javascript.

    • Cocos 2d.
    • Construct.
    • Dx Studio.

    List of games developed on JavaScript.

    • Flying Bird game.
    • Flappy Bird.
    • Snake Game.
    • Teri's game.
    • Quiz 

    Advantages of JavaScript.

    • Object-Oriented Programming.
    • Lightweight scripting language
    • Syntex is easy.
    • many libraries are present.
    • Dynamic Programming.

    Disadvantages of JavaScript.

    • Not more efficient.
    • Lack of debugging.
    • Single Inheritance.
    • Laggy Bitwise Operator.


    what gaming development require ,how the game developed ?

    the Second best Language for gaming development is C++ which is the same as the C but C++ Has Object Oriented Programming support. This Language has the ability to develop the intensive high graphics game. The C++ is easy to learn and implement.This also has framewoek like the C# has i.e. Unreal ( like unity of C#).

    Engine For C++

    • Exult.
    • Dunia Engine.
    • Dim 3.
    • Delta 3.
    • Cube 2.
    • Hero Engine.

    List of games developed on C++.

    • Thief System Shock 2 Thief II.
    • Heroes of SoulCraft SoulCraft DeltaNinja.
    • Beats of Rage Crystal Space.
    • James Cameron's Avatar Far Cry 5
    • Far Cry 4

    Advantages of C++.

    • Object-Oriented Programming.
    • Lightweight  language
    • Syntex is easy.
    • Potability.
    • Dynamic Programming.
    • Low-level manipulation.
    • Multi diagram.

    Disadvantages of C++.

    • Not more efficient Than C#.
    • Less Security.
    • Become Complex in High-level Program.
    • I cant Support the garbage collection.

    what gaming development require ,how the game developed ?

    Game development cycle

    1)Planning Game

    The above is the development cycle of the game. To develop a game we require the plan of game or structure it means which feature should have been in the game then developed that game by the gaming engineers. After completing the production phase, then test the game if any bug found removed that after successful testing launch the game.
    The Last phase in game development is maintaince phase which cant be stoped.If any issue found we have to remive that bug or issue and also maintain the server health and the game health.The company should have the best team help gamer or user to resolve issue as fast as posible.


    Conclusion of what gaming development require ,how the game developed ?

    ALL are the information about the game development and how the game is develope .How The game maintaince happening.Which is best langauage ? Which engine is best with largest liberies.

    Form all infomation the best language for game development is C# and C ++ ,because this has best frameworks i.e. the C# works with unity and C++ works With Unreal.The C# also used in other industry for many other development so that C# is efficient and best high level programming language should choose for game development for future.
    The C++ is also best ,but this languages has some drawbak ,that the languages can work or become laggy for very large program of game. 


    QUE 1:Which language should be used in gaming development?

    ANS : The Best and efficient language for game development is the C# & C++ ,which Object oriented             programming suppoert with largecomunity suppoerts..

    QUE 2:Why should choose carrier in Game development ?

    ANS :The gaming industry is developing and growing expontially .the Growth is also beat the growth                 of IT and meidcal sector. 

    QUE 3:What Is mean of game?

    ANS :Game is defined as the continous moton of image by using simulation are called game.

    QUE 4:What is Future Games? 

    ANS :The Future of game is The AI ,AR & VR ,Hologaphic game,3D games,simulated games. 

    QUE 5:What is Used of C#?

    ANS :The C Sharp (#) is used for game development and also in AR & VR app .Also The C # is Used               IOS app Development.The C# has like C++ & JAVA programming so that used in many                         aspect. 

    QUE 6:What are animation in game ?

    ANS :The sequencitail arregment of image and showen each images in specific time of duration called                 animation .also anmation is used for cartoon and also in movies for VFX.

    QUE 7:What are the simulation game ?

    ANS : The game which has full controll by the user like GTA 5 are called simulation games.

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