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what will replace smartphones in the future & Which will be the Biggest manufacture of mobile -Technilesh

what will replace smartphones in the future,tech future,

 what will replace smartphones in the future? What is the future of smartphones?

will there be phones in the future

Hello, Guys today, we explore mobile technology and the future of mobile phones (smartphones).which technology will replace the smartphone in the future. what is the growth of mobile phones? the R&D (research and development ) of company innovation. The Smartphone is also an important factor of life in the future. nowadays the smartphone becomes an essential item of life. Mobile is the highest growing tech in the world. the future of mobile technology is below.

    Foldable Phone

    Flodable phone future? what is price of foldable phone in2021?

    The First foldable phone introduced by the Motorola Razer ( Royle Corporation ). The Foldable phone is the phone which converts the tab into mobile. This device is the future tech. this has two displays which can be folded like the angle of the door. The Foldable phone is a flagship phone which has good performance with beast camera setup .this device has a slightly weighted phone. this smartphone used the strongest and unbreakable OLD pannel of tab size device. The two foldable types of phones introduced by the tech company that horizontally and vertically foldable displays. The horizontal is used to convert the tab size to a normal phone size smartphone. the vertical is used to convert the normal size phone to a small pocket size phone. 


    The feature of the phone is the display, which can change size .you can be used it for a better experience of the movie while watching on tab sized smartphone. The camera also of the best quality and also with 5^th generation technology. This phone's biggest phone is the performance because the manufacture used the flagship-level chipset like Snapdragon 888,765G,870,860,865,855. This phone will replace all the smartphone in features.


    • Samsung  Z flip.
    • Samsung Z flip 2.
    • Motorola Razar.
    • Motorola Razar edition.
    • Huwaie Mate pro


    • Best Display technology.
    • we can have a tab and mobile at the same time.
    • the best camera.
    • The powerful processor.


    • The Weight.
    • performance should slightly increase.
    • The Strength of display.

    Rollable Phone

    Rollable Mobile phone?Which will replace the tech in the future.

    The first rollable phone invented by the oppo and showcased in WMC (world mobile congress ). The Rollable phone means the display will move in the horizontal direction as shown in the above image. The all displayed is stored in a round cylindrical shape pen-like structure, when you pull the display out of it the display will come out slowly so know as "rollable".The OPPO R&D is doing a great job in innovation, in 2022 will be launched a year of foldable smartphones.


    This phone comes up with a rollable display means it has a lightweight display with the strongest display panel. The main feature is that you want a mobile size screen just roll back to that limit and you want tan size then roll again to the tab size limit. This device is like a single pen, therefore the device is portable. This phone has should a strong processor to work smoother and also the new optimization & customization. 


    • Oppo Rollable.


    • best display.
    • The lightweight display.
    • processor powerful.
    • customization.
    • optimization.


    • The display should stronger.
    • The Camera should be best.
    • The weight should low.
    • battery backup should 

    Dual Screen Phone

    Dual screen

    The Dual screen display is introduced by the android SIAM x7 mobile in 2015. This Smartphone has two displays, one display on the front side and the other is at the backside of the smartphone. there is no selfie in this smartphone because of the second screen we can use the back camera as the selfie camera.


    This smartphone is the greatest selfie because of the dual display. we can use the back camera of the smartphone as the front (selfie camera) using the second display which used to view the face while taking the images from the back camera. 


    • Siam X7.
    • honor.

    • MI mix 3.
    • mi 11.


    • Great Selfie.
    • if one display is broken then we can use a second.
    • The display quality is best.
    • OLED panel.


    • The cost.
    • The build quality.
    • Camera.
    • performance.
    • battery backup.

    Transparent Phone

    Transperent phone smartphone.

    This technology is showcased but the polytron is working on to developed the "PolyVision privacy glass" .the polytron also showcased this glass already. This tech will replace all the tech in the future. The T.V is also showcased in 2020 which Transparent.


    there should no feature because this is just an idea and R&D is working on that to develop

    Rotating Camera Phone

    in display

    This technology developed by Samsung and other companies. The Camera will rotate when you want a selfie or back camera. when your open the camera app, by default the back camera is open, and when the user clicks on the front camera, the motor in will works and rotate the camera and the user can take a selfie.



    The main feature of this mobile is a camera, The selfie quality is best.


    • Great Selfie.
    • high-resolution Image.
    • if one screen is broken then we can use the second screen.


    • the cost.
    • we have to handle carefully.


    what will replace smartphones in the future

    The all above tech is an innovation of the respective companies in the future of tech. the R &D (Research and development ) of their companies are work 24 hours to get new technology that knows to need to change the device again and again. the companies are also developing the algorithm which works on the artificial intelligence and machine learning, that helps user to reduce time to get a particular thing that user wants. simple eg is the search engine of google work like smoother and recommend the search result in a fraction of a second.


    QUE 1: What is meaning R&D?
    ANS: tech companies have one department which develops and invent new technology and also                        designs  the device. The full form of R&D is research and Development.

    QUE 2:What are different types of display?
    ANS: LED pannel ,AMOLED pannel ,OLED pannel,QLED pannel .

    QUE 3: Which display is best LCD or AMOLED?
    ANS: Amoled, it has the best quality of pixel and also required less battery.

    QUE 4:Which company has the best R&D department?
    ANS: Google, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi,Oppo, And one plus has the best research team.

    Que 5:What is the best technology under the display or rotating camera?
    ANS: Bothe is strong and relevant in their category. The tech lover require the less weight of the                       smartphone then choose the under-display camera but the quality is not good as the raoating                     camera has quality.

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