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10 Projects for AI and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Projects & Machine Learning Projects - TechNilesh

10 Projects for AI and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Projects & Machine Learning Projects - TechNilesh


10 Projects for AI and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Projects & Machine Learning Projects - TechNilesh

    10 Projects for AI and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Projects & Machine Learning Projects - TechNilesh

    Hi , I am Garry Raut an Coder & Tech Enthusiast . Do you want to know about the AI project and how to implement it .

    10 Projects for AI and Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Projects

    10 Projects for AI and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Projects Hi , I am Garry Raut an Coder & Tech Enthusiast. Do you want to know about the AI project and how to implement it . Using Git with Python What is Git? Git (also called Gitlab, Git) is an open source, distributed version control system and part of the GNU Project, which is a group of free and open-source software projects hosted on the open source project repositories. The basic principle behind Git is simple and groundbreaking. While many previous version control systems used a central repository to record changes, Git distributes this responsibility to the users of the system.


    Artificial Intelligence is a new technology. It is a science that makes use of computers to make intelligent decision. Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that encompasses the various computer systems that take into consideration, analyse, learn, and make decisions on their own. There are 3 major AI fields: Natural language processing Computer vision Machine learning Let’s see what Artificial Intelligence projects you can do with OpenCV and Python. The example application was made for the audience of Elastic Mind. Project 1: Traffic Light detection with OpenCV & Python The example application was made for the audience of Elastic Mind. You can use different modules to detect traffic lights by simply moving camera to the left or right direction.

    1. Image Classification

    This kind of project will teach you the core of Machine Learning 2. Time Series Analysis Learn how to analyze data using R code. (required) U domain . So, basically, you should know the raw data and the dataset before implementing this project . 3. Text Mining To make your task easier , here is the step by step guide on the one way solution to develop Text Mining (Machine Learning). 4. Natural Language Processing Learn to use R language to automate speech analysis 5. Image Recognition This is the step by step guide on how to understand human mind and discover the hidden patterns in the image 6. Graphing Learn how to create with S dashing and In R, use for analyzing graphs and In other languages you can google that . 7.

    2. Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing has recently become one of the hot topic in tech. LPN can be used in numerous fields for predictive analysis and contextual knowledge representation. LPN works on the basis of pattern recognition and classification, categorization, priority ranking, semantic segmentation, entity detection and usage, summarization, and entity grouping. Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining is one of the popular subfields of LPN. The main categories of data mining are corpus-based analysis, feature engineering and linguistic mining. Google is developing a Natural Language Processing API that is called GML. https://code.google.com/p/google-ml-api One of the applications that can benefit from Natural Language Processing is chatbot.

    3. Customer Satisfaction

    Have you ever checked the quality of customers or products? And after few months or weeks, do you notice that the quality of customer satisfaction have gone down? The answer is - You are not able to judge the quality of product, it is not easy to measure it, and its rate to go up and down. And if the rate of going down is high, it means you have a problem or the customer is dissatisfied. The most obvious question is why they are dissatisfied, because you are doing a good job. Well, you need to work on the implementation or the features or improving the product before you can notice any change. So we have mentioned in the previous posts about the customer satisfaction which we call as NPS and OPAT. These two metrics measure the perception of the customer towards the product.

    4. Face Recognition

    In this particular project , we are working on face recognition , A high-speed, high-resolution face recognition system . This blog will help you to create a face recognition system based on face recognition , There is a selection of parameters , button to pick desired image . In this blog, you will learn , In order to get face recognition results, we have used open source algorithms like jCatcher, ImageNet , TomCatcher and FaceNet . You can follow me on my website . Enjoy! 5. Machine learning projects for backend If you are into backend , here are few project for you , We are working on backend optimization , to make backend smarter . Let’s see it . 1.

    5. Stock Price Prediction

    Market cap is $5 billion. The stock price is ( $5 ) per share. Analysts estimate revenue at $200 million for next year. Project: Predict the Stock Price of Two Companies by Machine Learning 1. Approach : Using a supervised machine learning algorithm to discover different signals in financial data. 2. The System is a dynamic temporal prediction engine to forecast the stock price. 3. The system uses historical stock price information to predict future stock prices. 4. The system predicts the value for predicting price changes. 5. Extensive Data : stock price data for the last 1 years. 6. Extensive Attributes : weekly trading volumes and top 10 stock price changes for the last 5 years. 7. Easy to Use : 3 step process to use the System. 8.

    6. Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis is a fancy science of parsing a mass of text into emotion & thought patterns. 11. Sentiment Analysis: Google Keyboard Emotional States and Keyboard Emotions Google Keyboard Emotional States and Keyboard Emotions shows a bar chart of the emotional states of Keyboard emoticons. 12. Emotional Intelligence: A New Paradigm for Intelligence Oren Etzioni argues that humans are fundamentally and innately social. It can therefore be inferred that intelligence and the ability to communicate effectively are inseparable. 13. Emotion Analysis With Custom Sentiment The idea is to detect the emotional state of an emotional message through an emotion analytics tool. 14. Sentiment on Twitter This tool detects emotions in Twitter posts. 15.

    7. Micro-Budget Project

    As a beginner it’s a little bit difficult to do the work at the beginning . Why Asking the simplest questions during the interview . How to do it There are a lot of blogs that you can read before getting started . Read every single post . “ I am from a small family and that is a big problem for me to do my MBA” 11. Timebank The project is helping kids from Central America . Why A lot of kids here have no way to learn . How to do it Talk to those kids and spend time with them . 12. Stand Up Comedy Why You can learn the method and how to do it . How to do it Find a stage . “ As I’m always working in the evenings, I got to find the time to practice alone ” 13. Literature Review The project is helping teachers to do the job .


    As said by Paul Salopek: The world of AI is changing before our eyes, with dramatic implications for the way we work, the way we live, and the way we relate to each other. "We should not think about how technology will solve everything in the world. Rather, we should ask: What are the trends that will shape how we think about the world in a few years? What kinds of jobs will be created or lost? What technologies will define a new generation of students? How will economic and political systems evolve as a result of these trends?" The following pages will help you to think about the technologies that will transform the world in the years to come . This book will help you to predict the technologies that will shape the world in the future.

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