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How to become the best programmer in 2021-TechNilesh

How to become the best programmer in 2021-TechNilesh

 How to become the best programmer in 2021

How become best programmer /coder

Hello, guys Today We are Going to exploring the World of coders & Programmers. The Programmer doesn't need any degree, just required skills and logic. We are exploring to become the best programmer. How to become the best Programmer .how to become the best coder in 2021? How to develop the developer skills in 2021? How the way the programmer /Coder /Developer Thinks and solve the problem? So we exploring it.

    Soft Skills

    How to become the best programmer in 2021-TechNilesh

    Soft skills like communication, presentation skills, other skills. Soft skills are the basic skill set to present your idea and communicate about the ideas with the senior and team lead. Communication is as important as coding skills. The communication skills would increase the confidence about speaking and present ideas to one who has more experience than you. Soft skills are the basic skills of your that not like coding skills. The soft skills should you make perfect at the beginner level of the coder.

    coding skills

    How to become the best programmer in 2021-TechNilesh

    the main skills should have by the coder or programmer is coding skills. The coding skills means to advance in one of the object-oriented programming language eg. (Python, c++, c#, javascript ).To become advance in one programming language you should start with the data structure and learn the syntax of the programming language at the beginner level. After completing the data structure and syntex of the programming language, then start the Object-Oriented Programming which is very important fot the coder/programmer.The OOPs concepts are widely used in the IT industry. After completing all concepts of data structure, OOPs then start to implement the concept to a developed small project like a calculator, remote, games, billing system, and other small ideas in your mind.

    If want to learn the web development then start with the Html and learn all tag after completing the HTML goes forward for CSS to design the User Interface and make small web-only containing the front end .i.e UI. After completing become advanced in the front end, now go for Javascript that you can implement the function of the web. After completing all three things do small projects like portfolio, bookshelf web and other that had in your mind. After all this stuff go for Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS.select any one of three and learn and start implementing that in your project. after completing all things you become the best web developer.

    If want to learn the App development, Then choose which platform is suitable for you,e.g (Dart, Andriod studio, Flutter, React Native ). If you want to develop both Android & IOS Then choose Flutter and React Native but if you want to develop only the android then go for android studio and for IOS go for XCODE. For Andriod development, java and Kotlin are the best language, and choose any one of them and learn all stuff and become the best app developer.

    If you want to for other fields like data science, Data analyst, machine learning, deep learning. Then deeply studied that particular field, to become the best in it. 

    Data Structure 

    How to become the best programmer in 2021-TechNilesh

    The Most Important factor to become the best programmer is the basic of programming that is the data structure which the building block of programming. The data structure is important because the data structure is used to accept the data and retrieve the data in a specific format.

    Thinking Skills

    How to become the best programmer in 2021-TechNilesh

    Thinking skills also important for solving the problem. To solve programming problems the coder should have all knowledge but also think to solve that given problem in efficient way i.e. Time and Space Complexity. Thinking will increase all the stuff to a different level, This will help to build communicating skills, coding skills, and also the presenting skills.

    Fast Typer

    How to become the best programmer in 2021-TechNilesh

    This is the simplest skill that can easily adapted by the programmer but the speed of thinking of the mind should be equal to the typing speed. if you think large but slow in the typing then some error you face in the program also if you think slow and type fast you cant do fast typing.So the speed of both should equal.


    Conclusion TEch nielsh

    If you want to the greatest and good programmer and coder, You should follow the about tips and work on it. Make schedule to do the programming. The Nighttime is the best time for the programming because the weather is cold so the mind becomes cool and you can think easily and many ideas where you can get. The basic should be clear and know the best algorithm like sorting, searching and the data structure like an array, queue,link list , Tree, Graph and TBT.To become the best coder you should be working continuously and the growth is exponential and not straight. You cant become the best coder in one day or on some days it took many months and years to become skill full programmer.


    QUE 1): Which is The Best Programming Language?

    ANS:  Python, Java is the best programming language, because it has OOPs, Easy to learn and used in deep, machine learning, decktop APP, Web development other used.

    QUE 2): What is mean data Structure?

    ANS: The Data Structure uses the base of programming which is used to store data in a specific format in memory and also retrieve the data and process the data.

    QUE 3): How many Data structures are?

    ANS: There are mainly two types of Data structures linear and nonlinear, The linear contains Array, Link List, QUEUE, Stack. The nonlinear data Structure contains Trees, graph Hash Table.

    QUE 4): Which best platform for app development?

    ANS : For the Android and ios development React NAtive and flutter. For only Android, The Andriod Studio is best. For only IOS development The Xcode is best.

    QUE 5): Which Skills are for the coder rather than coding skills?

    ANS : other than the coding skills the Presentation skills, communication skills, and thinking skills should have.

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