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Today jio ( Reliance ) ACM conference event launches : mobile phone , 5G , Google ,QUALCOMM ,

 Today JIO ( Reliance ) ACM conference event launches : mobile phone , 5G , Google ,QUALCOMM , 5G JIO phone , JioBook

All the ACM meetings have started and are live .All the ACM conference is taken online and already recorded video.

  1. Jio Phone :

The Jio Phone Launched or the Jio phone 5g should be announced in this conferenced .For Jio phone 5g and 5G networks jio partnership with Qualcomm & Google . The Jio phone 3 has 5g network and it is the same as jio phone 1 & 2 .In ACM the new Kai os would be launched and showcased for new Jio phone 3.

  1. Jio Book :

The Jio Book is a laptop containing Android OS rather than Windows or Linux .The Jio book price should be less than 10k and give the feel of a laptop with an android operating system .This device is useful for work from home and online education. The Kia OS is used for UI and kernal and software which has developed by the Jios Engineers with contribution of google engineers.

  1. Jio 5G :

Jio Already Started the 5 G Trail .Jio has already announced that they are using the all  India made components for tower and other instruments for networks. The QUALCOMM is partnership with Jio for 5G system and implementation .The Quality and speed of network lies between 1 mb/sec to 1000 mb /sec .this speed is huge and equipment is used are having best quality.

4G / 5G :

The smartphone should be launched at this event .The 4 G / 5 G phone should continue the mid range processor of QUALCOMM because Qualcomm has Partnership with Jio .This phone price should be in between 6 k - 10 k for mid range phone .This phone is budget phone.

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