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which is best camera sensor ?How the sensor take the image ? which is best isp ?for mobile and dslr -technilesh

which is best camera sensor ?How the sensor take the image ? which is best isp ?for mobile and dslr

 which is the best camera sensor? How the sensor take the image? which is the best ISP ? for mobile and DSLR.

which is best mobile and dslr camera sensor

Today we are exploring the world of the camera and images. The main aspects of camera or images are ISP (Image signal processing ) and sensor which take an image. The best sensor has the best quality of image with a balanced saturation, white balance, hue, tone, sharpness, color balance, iso, sensor size, and many other aspects of the sensor to capture the best images.
Also, we explore the cycle of how the sensor takes the picture with also some guidelines for how to take the best photo on mobile. 


    sony sensor technilesh

    Sony is the leading camera sensor and DSLR manufacture with having the best quality sensor. all the max to max mobile come up with the Sony sensor. The all segment sensor manufacture by the Sony .i.e budget, midrange, and flagship. The all-resolution sensor is made by Sony like 12 mp,13 mp,48 mp,50 mp,64 mp. The quality of the image taken by the sensor is much more reliable than the Samsung sensor. The  Sony also make customizable camera sensor which can be modified by the mobile companies, which feature they want or want to remove some feature that can be done. The one plus, MI, realme, redmi ,Oneplus ,apple. The sony companies also build DSLR with their own sensor and many other DSLR also have Sony  RMOS sensor. 

    List Of Sony Sensor 

    • IMX 682 is the best customizable sensor ( max used ) (MI 11).
    • IMX 686 (64 MP).
    • IMX 586. (13 mp)
    • IMX 700. (48 /64 mp).
    • IMX 689. (48 mp)
    • IMX 486 .(12 mp).
    • EMOR is used in DSLR.


    samsung sensor technilesh

    Samsung also builds the Camera sensor which captures the best images. The Samsung is only one company that first developed the 48 MP,64, MP, and 108 MP camera sensor, currently Samsung working on the 200 MP sensor which has the best quality to capture with the best details and color balanced. The Samsung sensor has the ability to take more saturated images than the Sony sensor . Samsung takes an efficient image than Sony sensor

    List Of Sony Samsung

    • Samsung Isosell HM1 (108 mp ,10mm sensor size).
    • Samsung Isosell HM2 (108mp ,10.1 mm sensor size).
    • Samsung Isosell GM1 (64 mp  ,9.8 mm sensor size).
    • Samsung Isosell GM2 (64 mp  ,9.8 mm sensor size).
    • Samsung Isosell GW1 (48 mp  ,8 mm sensor size).
    • Samsung Isosell GW1 (48 mp  ,8 mm sensor size).
    • XomR camera sensor.

    How the camera works?

    How the camera sensor works technilesh

    When the light falls on the sensor lens (Convex ), that lens has a fixed location that all alight will get concentrate on the CMOS ( Metal Oxide Semiconductor ) sensor of the image. The RGB color mode are basically used to made the color present in the images. The RGB model has the best color quality of color and balanced color with the best skin tone. 

    When the User or autofocuses of the camera sensor, in actual condition The camera sensor moves the lens (Convex) in the forward-backward direction that the image or object being in focus. The RGB model collects all color detail and sensor convert it into image format i.e. JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group ). The Jpeg code file store in memory and the mobile decoder decodes that code and the user views that image. The Sensor has many elements in between the sensor and lens (Convex )which helps the sensor to faster autofocus and best filter that capture outstanding images.

    (object )
    [lENS (CONVEX) ]
                                                                 [CAMERA SENSOR ](convert the image info to jpeg format)

    The final image has the all details and quality depend on the sensor and image signal processing.


    conclusion of camera sensor

    All are the best sensor but some have plus points and some have minus points. The best Image processors given by Sony and Samsung, The sony has great picture quality with great details capture along with balanced saturation, black, hue, white & black balanced and contrast. The Samsung is the second-best camera sensor it captures an image with high details, the Samsung has plus point the images have always high saturation it means the captured images have high color and bright color, so the image looks cool and pretty. Many budgets have a Sony sensor and the flagship device has a Sony sensor. The bigger sensor size good image it takes. The sony provides a Customizable sensor with a great ISP (Image signal processing ). 


    QUE 1): What is ISP?
    ANS: It is an algorithm used to capture the details of the image using a sensor, the full form of ISP is image signal processing.

    QUE 2): What are the types of mobile camera sensors? 
    ANS:  Sony and Samsung are two main camera processor which used in the mobile.

    QUE 3): what matters sensor size or megapixel of the camera for better quality?
    ANS: the high the megapixel it means the density of pixel is large and the quality of the image is good but when sensor size is big it takes the great details of the image so the image look greater than the Image takes from a high megapixel sensor. mp-12,48,64,108Mp and camera sensor size is               1.2Um 

    QUE 4): Which lens is used in a mobile camera?
    ANS:     The convex lens is used in a mobile camera to capture all light on the CMOS image sensor

    QUE 5): What is the mean and full form of MP?
    ANS: MP full form is the megapixel.MP defined as the Density of pixels present on the image. 

    QUE 6): Which sensor is best Samsung or sony?
    ANS: Sony because capture balanced images and natural image and Samsung take a more saturated image.

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