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10 Reasons Why Google is the Best Company in the World - Technilesh.com

10 Reasons Why Google is the Best Company in the World - Technilesh.com


10 Reasons Why Google is the Best Company in the World

    10 Reasons Why Google is the Best Company in the World

    10 Reasons Why Google is the Best Company in the World

    Love it or hate it, Google is an incredibly influential brand. Their innovative products are incredibly popular and have set new standards for others to follow, as well as completely revolutionizing how the world communicates. Today, Google has gone from an also-ran internet search engine, to the largest global technology company with a dominant search engine, a plethora of popular mobile applications, an incredible suite of cloud computing tools, and more. So in this piece, I’m going to highlight 10 reasons why Google is by far the best company in the world. We’ll get started with Google’s unparalleled internet dominance. 1. The Best-Selling Product in the World Google has a number of product lines. Their most well-known is the Chrome web browser.

    Reason 1They have a sense of humor

    When Google CEO Larry Page stepped down, he famously said: I think it's clear that Google is doing pretty well as an employer, and I think that Google is doing pretty well as an employer because we have an open, non-strictly totalitarian kind of atmosphere. We think that people can learn, we think that people can grow, and we think that people can flourish.

    So even though we've done well as an employer, I think we're doing our best when we are helping to create an environment where people can learn and grow.

    Reason 2They give us information

    They give us all the information in the world on just about everything. They did not invent Google. The fact is, no one can. I just asked. ಠ_ಠ. That’s the thing about Google. They have the fastest, most thorough search engine, probably the best information display program on the planet, and they do it all without a net. They use their data and algorithms to make it all happen. They don’t sit on servers somewhere where their emails get wiped, they don’t store all of their data in a closet, and they sure as hell don’t pay the phone companies. They have no contracts, they don’t pay the phone companies, they don’t hand over all of their data to anyone. They trust us with their data and keep it safe and private. They should be commended for it


    Reason 3They are always there

    Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the best businessmen in the world Few entrepreneurs can live up to the standards set by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Larry Page is a member of the elite academic club, Phi Beta Kappa, and Sergey Brin is a member of the business elite of Phi Beta Kappa. The founders are cutting edge technology entrepreneurs with a smart business sense and an almost uncanny ability to recognize future trends. They truly understand where the world is going. They always see the future in the near future, before everyone else. Many venture capitalists hate and fear Google because they don’t want their businesses to be disrupted by them. Their entrepreneurial insight into the future is almost scary and the fear of change is sometimes overwhelming.

    Reason 4They make a big impact

    Google has the 2nd most venture capital funding of any company in the world. They've gotten a lot of buzz for using their market dominance to create advancements in areas like driverless cars. This also helps cement the company's reputation as being an innovator of new technology. They also had a hand in many of the most-liked Google Doodle for April Fool's Day 2018.

    Reason 5They are innovative

    Innovation has been the foundation of Google's growth and success since its inception. The web company's search innovations have reshaped the web and changed the way we find information and do business. Many of Google's key innovations and products have had a significant impact on how we use the web. According to the Walt Disney Co., "Think about all the ways the internet has changed in the last decade alone. The web has forever changed the way we do business and communicate." Google continues to innovate and has made a number of fundamental shifts and changes to its core business over the years. The first of those was its move to a search-first, mobile-first search engine.

    Reason 6: They are kind

    Google employs 1,450 people in many different countries, and thousands of Google people work remotely. In fact, Google’s three co-founders work pretty far afield from Mountain View, and a bunch of other Google people are in far flung places: In 2015, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told shareholders that she spent a lot of time “visiting some of our teams in Shanghai,” for example. Google is working on bringing a small percentage of its employees back to Google’s office in Hangzhou, China.

    And the company has several other company-wide policies that make remote work a reality: It gives employees a “suite of tools to access their work in different locations,” for example, and there are other benefits for remote employees, too. One 2011 study found that nearly 40

    Reason 7: They contribute to the community

    Google is regarded as one of the best companies when it comes to how they treat their employees, suppliers and customers. Not only are they thought of as fair with their pay, but they also run programs such as the Google Launchpad Accelerator, which invests in startups that want to improve digital health care. Moreover, Google participates in the World Economic Forum and contributes to the tech communities around the world. Their involvement and passion is what makes them the best in the world.

    Reason 8: They provide a complete solution

    “At the heart of Google is a commitment to making the world’s information universally accessible and useful for everyone.”–

    Reason 9: They support the open internet

    The world today is more connected than ever before. Whether you use Google or you use Google’s competitors like Yahoo, Facebook, or Twitter, you are almost certainly using something made by one of these companies.

    Reason 10: They are forward-thinking

    They’re often opposed to things like privacy regulations. Google makes a point to demonstrate why they believe that collecting as much information about users as possible is a good thing, but they also recognize that things have gone too far.

    For example, when Google decided to stop scanning Gmail users’ email for ad purposes, they made sure they made this decision with the best interest of their users in mind. They chose to roll out this change in stages, giving users plenty of time to change the way they were going to use Gmail.
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