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10 Ways Nasa is Changing the World ,where nasa is located remove_circle_outline?,where nasa is situated?,where nasa launches the shuttles?,where nasa is located in india?,where nasa blast off?,where's nasa headquarters?,where's nasa in florida?,where nasa launches - Technilesh

10 Ways Nasa is Changing the World ,where nasa is located remove_circle_outline?,where nasa is situated?,where nasa launches the shuttles?,where nasa


10 Ways Nasa is Changing the World


    10 Ways Nasa is Changing the World

    10 Ways Nasa is Changing the World ? ,where nasa is located remove_circle_outline?,where nasa is situated?,where nasa launches the shuttles?,where nasa is located in india?,where nasa blast off?,where's nasa headquarters?,where's nasa in florida?,where nasa launches

    1. Nasa is leading the way with climate change

    nasa study: climate change is not only a concern for the environment, but also for our economies, public health and infrastructure 2. Nasa is using simulators to improve helicopter rescue nasa: Our research, which we call "Crashworthiness for Helicopter Emergency Evacuation" (CHEER), has demonstrated that if a CH-47 Chinook is flung off a cliff, the helicopter can carry up to five persons with safety. This could lead to helicopter pilots being able to rescue people in much greater numbers and much faster. This work is also part of a larger initiative to help save lives by developing technologies to aid in medical emergencies. 3.

    2. Nasa has created the largest database of cancer genes

    This study was funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health.

    3. Nasa is working to find cures for cancer

    Facts: - Nasa cancer research is the largest and most comprehensive cancer-focused medical research program of any organization - At least eight people a year are diagnosed with and die from a form of cancer linked to tobacco - One in three women will develop breast cancer during their lives. - One in two men will develop prostate cancer during their lives - 9 in 10 lung cancers are caused by tobacco use - 15 million Americans have a form of cancer caused by tobacco use - Tobacco kills more Americans than illegal drugs, alcohol and motor vehicle crashes combined - An estimated 100,000 deaths per year are attributed to secondhand smoke - Smoking kills an estimated 160,000 Americans annually - Smoking causes as many deaths as HIV/AIDS 4.

    4. Nasa is helping to save endangered species

    Nasa has helped scientists from around the world to identify 13,000 unique plant and animal species.

    5. Nasa wants to build closer ties to India Nasa is now keen on opening up the space agency to the south, even offering a talent pool to train its researchers and engineers in 6. In 2009, one of the rumours was that " NASA will fund the solution to making lightweight buildings, such as houses, in space! " 7. In June 2005, an American student named Sonam Wangchuk solved a top NASA challenge to create a viable water source for the International Space Station. 8. Nasa has taken many steps to save the planet 9. Nasa just finished installing a giant solar shield around its facilities in Florida 10. Nasa recently managed to map every single flat surface on the surface of the planet.

    5. Nasa is saving lives in disasters

    nasa is sending astronauts to the moon, and exploring our universe. as the earth is under threat due to nuclear war, floods, and other natural disasters, nasa is going to explore the dark side of the moon 6. NAA is manufacturing Moon shoes nasa is going to have a conference in 2014 to discuss making real Moon shoes and other space living necessities 7. Nasa has a project called the Discovery Program this program awards first time space explorers with flight trips to the moon in future, Nasa plans to send a man to Mars 8. NASA created the Twitter account of Mars rover Curiosity Mars rover Curiosity will be sending tweets to the world. 9. there is a centre for students of nasa in every state of the united states of america. 10.

    6. Nasa is mapping the moon

    In 1967, President Johnson stated, "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." A generation later, NASA has again demonstrated that we can and should go to the moon, and this time do the other things we plan to do there. NASA and its international partners have accomplished a remarkable amount during the last few years, pushing hard to make a successful first flight to the moon as soon as possible. BJ Expedition 36 ,a tiny craft just over two meters in length, was launched May 20, 2007 from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia. It will explore the moon using a variety of scientific instruments, returning to Earth on May 25.


    7. Nasa is changing the way we get around

    What is it about a souped up spaceship that's the equivalent of sending man to the moon? Actually it's not. Just as the shuttle relied on rocket boosters to get the craft up and into orbit, the Ares I vehicle will rely on an ablative heat shield for reentry.

    8. Nasa is changing the way we communicate

    dance and singing in space? Yahoo! Browsing science? The world according to nasa remove_circle_circle?','',(Submitted: 2008-01-16 17:27:47) - - Yes, please. The Mars Rover remove_circle_circle?','(Submitted: 2008-01-16 17:27:47) - - Yes, please. 9. Nasa is changing the way we save energy link link Remove all bottom links. Yes, they're sexy. 12. Nasa is changing the way we design spacecraft link 6. Nasa is changing the way we talk about gravity connect 13. Nasa is changing the way we watch a movie with their very own infomercial (Submitted: 2007-12-16 07:30:26) - - Yes, please. 14.

    9. Nasa is preserving human history

    9.1. It is getting us back to the moon, and that's a huge deal 9.2. It's getting a probe to mars, and that's another huge deal 9.3. It's getting 3 more to cislunar space, which is near the moon and just about to be seen 9.4. Its improved technology makes future space travel possible 9.5. It is getting us to see and study things we would never have been able to observe without it 9.6. It is making us aware of our solar system 9.7. It's ensuring there's a place in space to collect trash, which is an important project for a small country 9.8. It is teaching us more about science and future Earth 9.9. It's funding other countries to help do things we could never afford to do without them 9.10. Its helped some of the space agencies around the world learn how to work together 9.11.

    10. Nasa is providing this blog post!

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