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The Best Way To Think About Thinking: The 5 Mistakes People Make That Prevent Them From Thinking Clearly - Technilesh

HI , i AM Garry .@ Technilesh You will find the Ans of Thinking , How to think and what are mistake should prevent while thinking and improving the

What is Thinking and how to beat the power of thinking and master in it -Technilesh

HI , i AM Garry .@ Technilesh You will find the Ans of Thinking , How to think and what are mistake should prevent while thinking and improving the skills of thinking to find the solution of problem. Best Ways to Think Positively . That yoga will impact on thinking skills?

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    What is thinking?

    Thinking is an attitude that makes up your self-image, and our ability to organize and effectively use our own mental processes to solve problems. Our thinking has three levels of complexity. In the first, we reflect on our situation and try to resolve it. In the second, we use analysis to figure out what factors have led to the situation, and then plan how to handle it. And in the third, we put that plan into action. We can use our thinking skills in a number of ways. First, we can collect and analyze data and draw conclusions. We can use these conclusions to motivate and focus us. We can use our thinking skills to predict what will happen next. We can use our thinking skills to predict the best way to accomplish tasks or solve problems.

    Thinking in the present

    The whole brain is composed of many modules which support the processing of thoughts and actions. These modules are interconnected with the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex includes the functional and cognitive control centers. These control centers help an individual to decide what he/she should do, who he/she should talk to, what he/she should say and so on. An individual who are dealing with daily problems and stress are going through a few hindrances which is hindering his/her ability to think clearly. Stress is a major factor which affect thinking skills. Chronic stress does not allow you to be active and you tend to react to situations rather than thinking about it. Keep your mind calm with the help of yoga, that help you in to keep a clear mind.

    Thinking in the future

    Thinking in the past Thinking about the future Thinking about the past How to keep in a state of calmness, improvement and change the thoughts in life ? How to improve your thinking . – On How to improve my thinking ? This is the huge problem for students, scientists and scholars. How to improve our thinking in a way that it is easy to read and understand in our modern world ? – Mental Notes: Simple Tips to Improve Your Thinking Thinking in the Past Thinking in the Future Thinking about the Future – On How to improve our thinking ? We are constantly surrounded by distractions. We read, write, watch, listen, interact with others, and even run a thousand other tasks through our minds all the time.

    5 mistakes people make that prevent them from thinking clearly

    Workers are worried about their jobs or worried about something else that is in their mind and they cannot concentrate at work. They lose all their awareness and become too comfortable, and less worried. Don’t think of what you should do. Just think of what you do not want to happen . . . Imagine yourself as a trainer: you are running a marathon, and there are 10 runners in front of you, and they all have different attitudes. But you run by yourself. How do you deal with them? First of all, you run faster. You are not thinking about their lack of training. You are not thinking of your weaknesses, you just think of your strengths. After a while, the 10 runners come to you and you go faster. You forget your past problems, and you think about how to get ahead, how to win the race.

    Mistake #1- Avoiding Conflict

    - think happy-go-lucky, also know what are the most effective ways to make you smile or look happy-go-lucky when you are not feeling it, you will certainly want to do this at times, see Positive thinking is easy when you do this -it has little or no impact on thinking -avoiding conflicts , dont take any kind of threat, when you are leader . We should take threats like fighter jets take a kind of pre-emptive strike, if possible make sure people who are targeting your people do not have access to the base, put security guards around the area .

    Mistake #2- Focusing on What's Wrong

    Our attention will always be pulled to what's wrong. When we start thinking about the challenge, the possible actions, consequences, and alternatives, we enter a thought process, and the power of the human mind comes alive. When we focus on problems, it closes our eyes to the possibilities of solution. But, our brain also gives us the benefit of intuition and intuition. These two qualities are the mainstays of thinking, and the way to get the best ideas. How does one shift from what's wrong to the solution? Here are the 3 main aspects in this approach: 1. Pay attention to what's right The mind thinks by focusing on what it wants. You can have the most positive thinking possible by actively focusing on what's right.

    Mistake #3 - Assuming We Have All The Information

    You and I need to think differently about how we think. Thinking should not be static, especially when we are in a room where we can't really see much. When you think something, you need to have all the information you need to have to make a better judgment. This is the challenge we face in the world we live in today where you have to have facts at your finger tips. Someway or the other, the information is not always available at your fingertips. Do you remember the classic home DVD player that used to suck? But you still had the ability to watch your DVD (I guess because it's an individual decision as to how much you want to have information.) But you were able to watch a video. If you didn't have enough information, you couldn't make a right judgement.

    Mistake #4 - Not Looking At Problems As Opportunities

    Don’t see problems as obstacles – see them as opportunities. Life is made up of opportunities to learn. Find out about opportunities, how to turn them into a success, and see yourself as a success. – Tony Robbins Mistake #5 - Thinking Like A Filler Just put in your time. Work hard and the world will open up to you. You have the world to begin with, and it’s your responsibility to make it better. – Jim Rohn Mistake #6 - Not Learning New Ideas I believe that learning is what every one of us is born to do, what distinguishes one human being from another. I believe that each of us was put here, for a specific reason, with a unique purpose, and that this purpose is to learn. – Steve Jobs Mistake #7 - Not Trying New Ideas Even if the new idea is wrong, the effort put into it is not wasted.

    How to improve thinking skills?

    Trying to reach out to failure or showing it to your opponent in your meditation to have reflection on what have been done and the impact of your daily activities in your ability to think clearly? Take 5 minutes to visualize something great Count your everyday accomplishments Focus on the present Don’t think of tomorrow or yesterday Practice the

    3.VOC Examine yourself critically as you are critical of yourself. Understanding that your internal obstacles are the same as other’s challenges or problems. Take some time to reflect on how your thinking changes after you wake up and leave the house each morning. Once you are on the train or your in the car or walking into the office, how clear are you able to make your thinking?


    The cognitive function is also referred to as the executive function. The key principle of executive function is to facilitate ongoing planning and problem-solving activities in adults. The cognitive functions give us various capabilities that enable us to acquire the ability to think about, analyse, interpret, reason, and decide on appropriate actions to accomplish our goals. These are the basic tools that we need to be able to do well in life. I have been trying to blog about various topics but I think that this topic is an important one, about which i have a lot of experience. Now, reading your opinion and insights you shared made me thought that we are really far from the essential skills of Thinking as we are doing in the society.

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