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The Future of Health Care: How Technology Will Impact Healthcare with AI - Technilesh.com

The Future of Health Care: How Technology Will Impact Healthcare with AI,Artificial Intelligence AI is an algorithm that has learned to perform


The Future of Health Care: How Technology Will Impact Healthcare with AI

    Hello , I am Garry Raut , 'machine learner and deep learner ' Today we will find the what are technology are used in health care technology and impact of healthcare technology in health care sector with Artificial Intelligence.

    What is Health Care Industry

    Health care industry is any kind of business that deals with producing or distributing medical and pharmaceutical products, health care service providers, nursing and other related activities, including home health care, etc. Health care industry may also be referred to as "health care and insurance industry". The essential components of health care are Health care services, health care products and health care equipment.Health care industry generates annual revenue in billions of dollars for which most of the industries are adopting latest technology. The major reason is to increase efficiency and reduce cost of health care service. Health care Market Trends With the recent technology, we are enjoying high quality products and services at cheaper rates.

    Health Care Industry Overview

    Healthcare industry is largest employer and second largest economic sector in USA and the largest economy of world by labor force. According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the health sector accounts for more than 10% of the total GDP of OECD countries. In the year 2016, the health sector expenditure was $10,162 billion in USA which was about 16.8% of the total GDP. And in the same year, the GDP of USA was $19,278 billion. Health care industry is mainly divided into hospital services, medical equipment and supplies, medical supplies, home health care, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. In the year 2018, the health care industry, which includes hospitals, physician offices and ambulatory health care, in the US was $4.

    Current Trends

    Fashion , It takes AI to create a human like AI: In medical field, it helps to understand complex medical field with artificial intelligence. It analyses and understand your medical condition with current condition. It is very useful in disease prediction, it is also helpful in the research and analysis. NPU: It is like in the smart phone, it can be smart and efficient, the processors of machine learning in NPU. Cognitive Computing: It is in an Artificial intelligence , in a company. It is in the system, it help to understand the data. The system is analyzing the health data , it process and interpret the data. The application help to know the most accurate and convenient way of managing your health. Deep Learning: It is the most accurate prediction model .

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is an algorithm that has learned to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence such as learning patterns in data sets and performing complex mathematical calculations. The applications for AI in the healthcare industry range from autonomous vehicles and smart home technology to diagnosing and treating cancer . The latest healthcare-AI application has been developed at Johns Hopkins. The study has utilized the ability of AI to read x-rays and MRIs. In this study the main goal was to produce a digital scale that would not use radiation. The scale was developed for special needs people.


    the health care industry will be transformed by technology Technology will help the medical doctors to provide better patient care, improve quality of care AI will play a key role in making health care facilities more patient centric. AI will help in detecting disease trends and trends and determine the root cause of such diseases to improve treatment outcome There are many important technological advancements in health care industry, that is driving growth and innovation and will have an impact on health care. The use of technology has grown from examining patients at the time of admission to interpreting results of tests. New advancements include using technology to sequence the patient's DNA, making it easier and quicker to diagnose diseases.

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