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#AICTE Internships and Government Internship Full Details with step by step to create profile | NitiAyog Internship | Private Internship |

 #AICTE Internships and Government Internship Full Details with step by step to create profile

Hi , Readers . You want The New Internship Offers and Portal ,so you are on right place .SO start reading this post.

Click On this to check the portal: Interhnship

#AICTE Internships and Government Internship

If You want to Check my Profile Click Here To check :- Garry Raut  

Step to make your Profile : Sign up Using the any method , Mail / mob no 

Now we Create The Profile , lets now add Your Personal Details and more stuff Regrading Your skills and other thing.

Now add The Profile Image ,#Tip1 -which should be simple image and not any fashnable and editable photo,

Please make Your Resume and CV letter . Please Read the below tips while making the Resume .

FOR Resume ...

  1. Please give the Brief idea about your self in Few word
  2. Add The skills set You have and try to write the Resume in one page only .
  3. Add the Certification , if you do in any course .. Check this -- Free Courses  with Certificate
  4. Please Do Project in a specific field , which helps you a lot and add in the resume.
  5. Don't add which languages you are speaking .
  6. Don't add any Time pass skills like ( handwriting , Drawing , if you dnt have skills but you added)
  7. Make the Resume as simple as it ....
  8. Below are My own Resume .. Please Check it 

Resume 1                                                                     Resume 2

FOR CV ....

  1. Strictly add the skills and where you use that skills in CV letter .This letter gave idea about your self and if you have any experience.
  2. If you do any internship / Job / Part time , please add in the CV letter .This is written in letter format , not actually a letter writing , but similar to letter ( 50%) .
  3. Many Companies doesn't want the Resume they want the CV , so please be prepared.
  4. Add this 2 pdf in the AICTE Internships Portal
We Create Full Profile now we will apply to the some of them .

There are three

  1. Government internship /AICTE Internships
  2. Private internship
  3. NHAI internship
According Your preferences apply for different different internship .
In each Internship section you have given the filter of location and type of intern ship ( Full / part time /virtual ) please choose and no of internship are showcased . read the details of Internship and then apply some then require the Synopses Letter ( Hod reference letter ) .

Read the Each Point then apply to the Portal .I will help You 24/7 .....
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