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 Hey Readers ! If You are Looking For Internship in GeeksForGeeks . GeeksForGeeks Announced the True Geeks Event where You get Opportunity to get placed in GeeksForGeeks.

Internship ?

GeeksForGeeks Announced the Event " TRUE GEEKS " where You can Win Swags from geeks and also get Internship Offer for Programming and writing Background. In This Event You Have ' 3 task  ' every task has 70 points :
  1. Writing competition
  2. Quiz 
  3. DSA ( Data Structure )
IN Swags : You will get the T-shirt ,Certification from Geeks and other Vouchers .

Important Note :This internship program is scheduled to be held from 05-11 October 2021. 

Click Here To Apply : Click Here


I am GR,3+ years Exp of SEO, content writing, and keyword research ,software dev with skills in OS, web dev, Flask, Python, C++, data structures, and algorithms ,Reviews.

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