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 About MyGov

MyGov offers a chance of being involved in Government. It is an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into citizen engagement with Government.

MyGov is now looking to hire Interns.

 Roles and responsibilities

The areas proposed are –

  • Management Team involved in the overall functioning of MyGov. Requires managerial and coordination skills as well as an understanding of public policy.
  • Partnerships Team involved in engagements with different Ministries. Requires strong interpersonal skills, and understanding of public policy.
  • Social Media, Research and Creative Team involved in information dissemination through the website and social media. Requires a policy background, research ability and good writing skills.
  • HR Team involved in recruitment and daily HR operational activities.
  • Graphics Designing involved in designing infographics, logos, banners etc. for the website and social media. Requires design training in this area.
  • IT/Tech-development and Software Testing involved in proving tech support to the MyGov platform. Requires appropriate skills in these fields.


  • Undergraduate or a graduate
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Social Media Tools, Computer graphics designing
  • Eager to learn and work and desire to innovate and excel

 Duration of Internship

The minimum duration of internship shall be two months from the date of joining, 

 Certificate of Internship

A certificate of internship will be issued by MyGov on the competition of Internship and submission of report duly countersigned and accepted by the Competent Authority.

How To Apply : 

Click Here To Apply :- : CLICK HERE


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