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Hey readers Want Google Swag then the wait is over . The Google Providing the Cyber Challenge which chance to win to Swags ( Hodie , book , Bottle ) .

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About Google Learn to Earn Cloud Challenge

On the Google Cloud community channel, Emily927 (Staff member) has launched the Learn to Earn Cloud Challenge, which offers early access only after completing the Build and Optimize with Data Warehouses with BigQuery skill badge on Qwiklabs with the access code 1q-I2e-getready. Google periodically offers challenges to help you improve your skills by learning new skills.

Looking forward to seeing you on the leader board!

Around the world, organizations are in the midst of rapid digital transformation. We're equipping more than 40 million people with in-demand Google Cloud skills.

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If you are eligible for a prize, you’ll be contacted before October 31 2021 with details to claim your prize, while prize supplies last. Please do not contact the Qwiklabs support team about prizes.
Why should I join the challenge?

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Just by enrolling, you get free access to valuable hands-on training. Earn badges to showcase what you’ve learned to your professional network, plus get a chance to win a prize.

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What level of expertise is required for this challenge?

You can start this challenge with little or no cloud experience. We recommend that you start with the Essentials track. All labs in this challenge were selected to be approachable for cloud newcomers, but also interesting for cloud pros.

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Are you new to Qwiklabs?

Welcome, we are so glad you're here! Create your account and take a quick (free) tour to get oriented.

Is any purchase required?

No. Use the links and access codes on this page to get free access to 32+ hands-on labs. Even if you do not earn a prize, this is a great opportunity to learn something new!

How long do I have to complete this challenge?

Each game is scheduled to run for one week. New games will launch Monday, and are scheduled through October 10, 2021. Note the game’s end date when you join. The last set of games will end by Oct. 10.* At any point during the challenge, complete all four badges successfully at least once. The challenge may end early depending on prize availability.

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Click Here To Apply Free Swags:

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