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Nados Placement portal | 32 + lac per anum package | Citymall , Intuit and Verse job offering | Full time at Citymall , Intut and Verse + 32 lac package -technilesh.com

Hey Readers , IF You are Looking for Full time Opportunity then the wait is Over The  Nados  Offering the Full time for City mall , Intuit  and Verse This  Big MNCS as Software Developer ,SDE ( Backend Developer ) and Backend Engineer .


This Leading and growing startup which providing the Full time in companies like Citymall , Intuit  and Verse for SDE and Backend Developer . This Nados also has Separate Community for Doubt solving and also provide the free resource to learn the skill like Programming skills (Node js ) and also Help to crack the Job and get placed with that package.  

Steps TO Crack The Job :

  1. Firstly Register To The Nados.io
  2. After Completing the Profile building .
  3. Then Go to Job Section and apply for job which match to your profile and then faced the exam and pass exam .
  4. Finally You will get an interview call if you get passed the interview then You finally placed in that company .
  5. If You dont have skill To passed the exam then there is section of learing go there and learn and then apply to jobs.  

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 About : The Big and Growing MNC Offering the for this position. Show Your Love by Subscribing to YouTube channel : Codewithniesh
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