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HWI 7 Day Learning Strategy | HWI Infosys Syllabus | HWI Preparation and source to preparation -2022 | HWInfy 2022: Preparatory Guidance -Technilesh.com

HWI 7 Day Learning Strategy | HWI Infosys Syllabus | HWI Preparation and source to preparation -2022 | HWInfy 2022: Preparatory Guidance -Technilesh.c
Hey Readers , As you are all geared up to be a part of the amazing HWithInfy competition, we would like to share with you a  preparatory guidelines for the competition with 7 Days Strategy.
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This Competition help to Grab the Job at Infosys for Various role like Associate Software Engineers ( 3.5 LPA ) ,Digital Software Engineers (7 LPA) and with Hackathon competition having 2,00,000 INR .The HWI competition has two round first round and second or Final Round , and Final round is Hackathon .The Top 100 From first Round will Get Power Engineer Role ( 7 LPA ) will Get PPI / PPO ( Pre placement interview Opportunity ) Other Will Get Associate Software Engineers Interview Call.

Syllabus Fore HWI :


    1. Searching
    2. Sort

2)Data Structure and techniques:

    1. Arrays
    2. Linked List Stack
    3. Queue
    4. Heap
    5. Advanced data structures
    6. Different types of Trees
    7. Graph-based algorithms and traversal

3)Greedy Programming
4)DP ( Dynamic Programming )

Round 1 : 

In this Round You Will Have 3 No of Coding Question Which can be Solved by any of the following Programming language : C, C++ (14). C#, Python, Clojure, Java JavaScript, Python 3, Ruby, and TypeScript . 3 Hour for this Round.

Each question will have a different difficulty level:
    • Easy – Simple questions that can be solved by the basic application of aptitude, algorithm, and data structures
    • Medium – Usually a question based on a Greedy algorithm
    • Hard – Usually a question based on Dynamic Programming

Round 2: 

This Final or Hackathon Round which is 24 Hour time Round .This Contain one Coding Question having level of difficulty to High . only Top 100 From Round 1 will be participate in Round 2 and This Round is team up round that you have to make the team of n student to solve the question.

7 Days Learning Strategy 

start from Day 1

Day 1: 

    • Start with any one Programming language and learn all basic concept that programming lanagege ( eg syntax , int , string  ,loops , while and all ).
    • try to take small question like which use above topic .

Day 2: 

    • After learning all basic aspect of Programming next to learn .
    • take Array data structure learn all aspect related to array data structure.
    • now start Searching ( binary ,linear search) and Sorting algorithm ( bubble, quick sort, ...)
    • take the question from Leet Code ,Hackerrank  based  searching , sorting and array and try and solve the question.
    • Source for Question :  Array   ,search , Sort 

Day 3: 

    • learn This Data Structure Linked List ,Stack ,Queue, Heap .
    • Solve the question based on this question and try to solve some special question based ds.
    • Source To learn and Question : Linked List ,Stack ,Queue, Heap .

Day 4: 

    • Learn The Popular and standard Algorithm ( Election Voter algorithm ) ,.. and approaches ( Greedy ...)
    • solve the question this : Question

Day 5: 

    • Learn the Recursion and Dynamic Programming . Because This Concept is important for Product based companies to sol e the question efficient ways .
    • solve the some standard question : like : Coin change count , LCS , Substring and more.
    • Solve the Question From Leet code of DP 

Day 6: 

    • Now the Last but not Least Topic Graph and Tree Data Structure .
    • Solve and try to implement tree and Graph with learn searching algorithm BFS and DFS for both data Structure .
    • this are important Data structure asked by the Product based companies during the Interviews.
    • Solve the Leet Code.

Day 7:

    • Last day , Revise all the You learn in 6 Days .
    • solve the basic to advanced level question from Hacker Rank and leetcode and more other source.
    • at last Solve the Previous Year  asked in Infosys .
    • now You are Ready to go For HWI content.

You can used the same formula to learn coding for placement preparation and also for Off campus interview. # HWI 7 Day Learning Strategy  by Garry Raut

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