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Oracle Free Certification Course | Oracle free SQL ,PLSQL database course Technilesh.com

You can learn more about Oracle SQL in this online training course. The program aims at providing an introduction to the database management system (RDBMS), as well as the techniques used for tuning queries and databases. The first module includes an introduction to RDBMS and the installation process. Other modules include creating constraints and performing analytical queries. In addition, this course will teach you how to use multitenancy to manage data. The last two modules focus on implementing a database for a single user.Get Your Job At First Google Job Ready Interview Tips  : Link

The course focuses on fundamentals, Foundation, Master and other aspect of SQL. You will learn about the SELECT, FROM, and WHERE clauses. You will also learn about the SQL language and advanced topics, such as Hierarchical Queries, Analytic Functions, and Pivot and Unpivot features. The course is free and available online. You just have to register and start learning. There are plenty of free Oracle SQL courses available online.

What Will You Get from This Course :

  1. You will learn all course from oracle teaching university staff ,who has more than 10 year of experience in industry , so they know what topic is used industry . 
  2. You will learn from Basic of SQL to Advanced of SQL .

Future in SQL cloud / Job in SQL cloud:

Average Salary Oracle Database Administrator salary in India is 7-9 Lakhs per year and for experienced person ,average salary is 16 Lakhs per year with experience between 3 - 10 years.

How to Apply to this Course

  • Check which course you want from Below list .
  • Click on Apply.
  • Then Registered on Oracle and start course.
  • learn New Tech and Become Master in it .
  • and Get Job From this Course.
  • To Get Placed in Product Based Company .Click here

List Of Course:

1)Databases for Developers: Next Level A free SQL course

In this Module You will learn About Basic to Advanced SQL queries and structure.

2)Databases for Developers: Foundations

In this Course , You will learn about the Cloud Database and foundation of DBA ( Database Administration) .


3)Oracle PL/SQL Error Management

In This Course You Will learn about how the PL/SQL used to handle error and how to respond the error.

4)Oracle Crud Operation using Python

in this Course you will learn how you integrate the cloud database with python and how you do CRUD ( Create,Read,Update,Delate) operation on database using python.

5)Analytic SQL for Developers

You will learn how the SQL used in Analysis of data .

6)Oracle PL/SQL Foundation.

You will learn all about PL/SQL , learn about loops , function ,error handling and more.
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