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Microsoft Engage 2022 Intern | Internship Challenge -Technilesh

Engage 2022 Intern ,Microsoft intern Engage is a program for engineering students throughout India graduating in 2024. It is aimed to create a platform for engineering students to accelerate their progress and cultivate industry-relevant skills via mentoring, coding challenges, seminars and networking opportunities microsoft internship india.
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Table Of Content :

What's in it for me?

Intern Engage includes several engagement and assessment touchpoints where participants will connect with Microsoft mentors, leaders, interns during the course of the program.

Based on consistency and success within the program, candidates will be given the option to interview and intern with Microsoft India , Microsoft virtual intern.

Eligibility Criteria

Students graduating in 2024 enrolled in a full-time engineering program Bachelors, Masters, Integrated Dual Degree & similar degrees

6 CGPA and higher


Choose any one task from the three (3) choices presented below. You might opt to design a browser-based web application or a native mobile application.

You are allowed to utilize any technology, framework, programming language(s), database(s), and cloud platform of your choosing.

Face Recognition

Develop a browser-based application or a native mobile application to illustrate implementation of Face Recognition technology.

You might select to illustrate use of Face Recognition in any field of application of your choosing, 


      1. Preventing crime
      2. Device security
      3. Smarter advertising
      4. Finding mission people or missing pets
      5. Diagnose illnesses
      6. Tracking attendance
      7. Facilitate secure transactions
      8. You are free to select whichever Face API you are comfortable with.

Data Analytics

Develop an application to illustrate how the Automotive Industry might use data to making educated choices.

You might opt to utilize the data set given, or use any open-source data set accessible you might have access to, or develop your own.

example Dataset

Demonstrate the application of data analytics in identifying:

Customer segments, Most common automobile specification combination (engine type, fuel, mpg, etc) (engine type, fuel, mileage, etc), Right moment to debut a new automobile, etc

Any additional questions you can think of


Demonstrate via your app the many sorts of algorithms that a web-streaming service (like Netflix) or an audio-streaming app (like Spotify) may utilize for their Recommendation Engine.

Focus on any algorithm that you wish to emphasize, for example:
Demonstrate what type of function would a sorting algorithm play in a Recommendation Engine?
What is the most efficient sorting algorithm to employ in this circumstance, and why?
Demonstrate what type of role would a search algorithm play in a Recommendation Engine? Which search algorithm does your app utilize, and why?

How To Apply for Microsoft Engage 2022 Intern

Click On the following bAfter Completing /Filling the Required Details , Apply for the Internship and Build the Project / Challenge on Given Topic. Submit The project , After validation of project you will receive opportunity to intern at the Microsoft.

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