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JIO Spark Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2023-24

 It was an on-campus hiring event for the JIO Sparks Program's Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Role. Pre-Placement discussions regarding the company and its requirements were followed by Round 1 of the Placement Drive.

Round 1: 

Aptitude exam : In JIO Spark, applicants who do not pass the aptitude test advance to the group discussion round, which serves as an elimination round, while those who pass the aptitude test are automatically selected for round 2. (technical interview).

Ability test:

MCQs totaling 30 (100 marks)

  1. logical reasoning: coding and decoding, puzzles, statements and conclusions, and blood relations
  2. Bar graph and pie chart data interpretation
  3. Articles, prepositions, and fill-in-the-blanks verbal
  4. DBMS: fundamental DBMS inquiries.

Round 2's

 Technical interview included the following questions:

  1. Describe yourself to me.
  2. He inquired about my graduation project.
  3. A technological career or a non-technical job—which do you prefer more?
  4. Do you prefer computers or electronics more?
  5. He inquired about HTML because I had said in my resume that I was skilled in web development:
  6. Describe DOCTYPE
  7. Do all HTML tags need to be closed?
  8. How can I make an image the website's background?
  9. full name for CSS
  10. An inline block is what
  11. He questioned my knowledge of OOPS. I stated that I was primarily interested in web development and had very little experience of OOPS.
  12. He displayed some code and inquired as to what it will do.

Round 3: 

Technical and HR interview. A senior interviewer conducted this interview electronically.


  1. Describe yourself to me.
  2. What is the API?
  3. What are the 4 Pillars of OOPs in Brief?
  4. What is Machine learning?
  5. What is NLP?
  6. What are Classification algorithms?
  7. Why You used Flask in your Project ?
  8. What is CNN ?
  9. Why you Want to Join the JIO ?

Note: at end of the interview Asked some Question to Interviewer which build your Good Impression.

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