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Updated TCS NQT 50 + Question DSA Sheet By Nilesh : 2023 - 24

Master TCS NQT DSA Sheet 2024: Crack the TCS NQT exam with expert tips on DSA preparation. Learn key concepts & practice to excel. Get ready for succe

TCS NQT DSA SHEET  2023 - 24


If you're a young and aspiring software engineer, you've probably heard about TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test), which is a gateway to the prestigious TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) - one of the top IT companies globally. As you prepare for the TCS NQT, you must be aware of the significance of the Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) section. In this article, we will delve into the world of TCS NQT DSA Sheet 2024, exploring essential tips, study materials, and strategies to excel in this crucial segment of the exam.

Tip: It is believed that TCS gives additional weightage to people who solves maximum number coding questions in campus hirings. However, there is no concrete evidence to back this statement.

Table of  TCS NQT Question

1 Climbing Stairs
2 Check if a given year is leap year
3 Prime Numbers
4 Number is Positive, Negative, Odd, Even, Zero
5 All divisors of a natural number
6 Convert a Number to Hexadecimal
7 Valid Perfect Square
8 Program to add two fractions
9 Fibonacci numbers
10 Add Digits
11 Replace all ‘0’ with ‘5’ in an input Integer
12 Perfect Number
13 Armstrong Numbers
14 Replace all ‘0’ with ‘5’ in an input Integer
15 Sum of first n natural numbers
16 Permutations to arrange N persons around a circular table
17 Roots of Quadratic equation
18 Climbing Stairs
19 Maximum Product of Three Numbers
20 Happy Number
1 Two Sum
2 Program to check if an array is sorted or not
3 Sum of elements in a given array
4 Pascal's Triangle
5 Counting frequencies of array elements
6 Move Zeroes
7 Add an element to an Array
8 Contains Duplicate
9 Find duplicates in O(n) time and O(1) extra space
10 Print array after it is right rotated K times
11 Single Number
12 Mean and median of an unsorted array
13 Smallest and second smallest elements in an array
14 Third Maximum Number
15 Sort elements by frequency
16 Majority Element
17 Next Greater Element I
18 Intersection of Two Arrays
19 Find Peak Element
20 Longest Continuous Increasing Subsequence
1 Given String is Palindrome or not
2 Find Common Characters
3 Remove character
4 Reverse a string
5 Remove All Adjacent Duplicates In String
6 Uncommon Words from Two Sentences
7 Excel Sheet Column Number
8 Frequency of characters in a string
9 Sort string of characters
10 Valid Anagram
11 Convert characters of a string to opposite case
12 Count Binary Substrings
13 Common subsequence in two strings
14 Count Unique Characters of All Substrings of a Given String
15 Find the Difference
16 Duplicates in the input string
17 Count vowels, consonants, digits, and special characters in a string
18 Detect Capital
19 Fizz Buzz
20 Check if a string is substring of another
1 Bubble Sort
2 Selection Sort
3 Insertion Sort
4 Merge Sort
5 Quick Sort
1 Convert Octal to decimal
2 Convert Binary to Decimal
3 Decimal to Binary conversion
4 Convert decimal to octal
5 Convert decimal to octal
1 Linear Search
2 Binary Search
3 Detect loop in a linked list
4 Print the middle of a given linked list
5 Can we reverse a linked list in less than O(n)?

Table oF Content 

Preparing for TCS NQT DSA Section

To succeed in the TCS NQT DSA section, understanding the syllabus and exam pattern is fundamental. The exam typically comprises multiple-choice questions and coding problems. The DSA section assesses your problem-solving skills and coding proficiency, so adequate preparation is essential.

To start your preparation, gather relevant study materials and resources. Numerous online platforms offer free and paid courses that cover the TCS NQT DSA syllabus comprehensively. Additionally, solving previous years' questions will give you an idea of the type and complexity of problems you might encounter.

Data Structures for TCS NQT

DSA forms the backbone of programming, and TCS NQT focuses on evaluating candidates' grasp of fundamental data structures. Brush up on topics like arrays, strings, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. Practice problems related to these concepts to gain confidence.

Arrays and strings are extensively used in coding interviews, so master them by solving various coding challenges. Linked lists are essential data structures for real-world applications, and understanding their implementation and common interview questions is crucial. Stacks and queues, often used to solve complex problems, should also be a part of your preparation. Trees and graphs are vital for algorithm design, so practice problems to develop your problem-solving skills.

Algorithms for TCS NQT

Alongside data structures, algorithms play a pivotal role in coding assessments. Focus on sorting and searching algorithms, as they appear frequently in coding interviews. Dynamic programming, which involves solving problems by breaking them into smaller sub-problems, is another essential area to explore. Greedy algorithms, known for their simplicity and effectiveness, are worth mastering. Backtracking and Divide & Conquer techniques are also crucial for algorithmic problem-solving.

Time and Space Complexity Analysis

Understanding the efficiency of your code is crucial in coding assessments. Big O Notation is used to analyze the time complexity of algorithms, and mastering it will help you optimize your solutions. Additionally, learn to analyze code for space complexity, as efficient memory usage is equally important.

Tips for Solving DSA Problems in TCS NQT

Approaching DSA problems systematically is vital. Break down the problem into smaller parts and solve them individually. Pay attention to edge cases and constraints, as they can lead to corner-case bugs. Utilize test cases to verify the correctness of your solutions. Lastly, time management during the exam is crucial, so practice solving problems under time constraints.

Mock Tests and Practice Sessions

Engage in mock tests and practice sessions regularly. Mock tests simulate the real exam environment, allowing you to assess your preparation level and identify areas for improvement. Use these sessions to analyze your mistakes and learn from them.

Last-Minute Preparation and Exam Day Tips

In the final days leading up to the exam, focus on revision. Review key concepts, formulas, and algorithms. Maintain a calm and positive mindset to manage exam-day stress effectively. On the day of the exam, read all instructions carefully, manage your time wisely, and stay focused throughout.

Success Stories and Tips from Previous TCS NQT Candidates

Reading success stories of candidates who have aced the TCS NQT can be highly motivating. Learn from their experiences and take note of the strategies they used to succeed.


Preparing for the TCS NQT DSA section is a challenging yet rewarding journey. Mastering data structures and algorithms is vital for excelling in coding interviews and securing your dream job. Remember to practice consistently, seek help when needed, and believe in yourself. Best of luck in your TCS NQT DSA journey!

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