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Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo: Your Refreshing Summer Companion

Discover the ultimate summer savior, Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo, offering instant cooling relief and a long-lasting fragrance. Find out why this ta

Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo: A Refreshing Summer Companion for Instant Cooling Relief

Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo - Instant Cooling Relief

In the scorching heat of summers, finding ways to stay cool and refreshed becomes a priority. While deodorants and body mists have gained popularity, sometimes good old talcum powders can work wonders in providing relief from heat and prickly sensations. One such talc that stands out is Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo.

Cooling Sensation and Long-Lasting Fragrance

Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo, housed in a large green and white plastic bottle, offers a delightful menthol-infused formula. The talcum powder feels cool and soothing when applied to the skin, delivering an instant refreshing sensation that lasts for hours. Its invigorating fragrance not only helps to combat body odour but also rejuvenates the senses.

Banishing Prickly Heat and Heat Rashes

The talc's efficacy goes beyond just providing a cooling sensation. It effectively tackles prickly heat, heat rash, and itching sensations, bringing much-needed relief from the oppressive heat of summers. Simply sprinkle the talc liberally on the body after a shower to prevent heat rashes and stay fresh all day long.

Aromatherapy for Mind and Body

One of the highlights of Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo is its incorporation of cool herbal aroma therapy. This unique feature contributes to not only refreshing the body but also relaxing the mind, reducing stress and keeping you vibrant throughout the day.

Easy Application and Long-Lasting Use

The talc's packaging includes a convenient twist-to-open cap with holes, ensuring even distribution of the finely milled white powder. Be sure to close the cap securely to avoid any spills after use. Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo is also available in various variants, such as Navratna Cool Talc Mint Fresh and Navratna Maxx Cool Talc, catering to different preferences.

Recommendation and Price

For those seeking instant cooling relief and a budget-friendly option, Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo is a great choice. It controls body odour and sweating effectively and is especially suitable for individuals who prefer talcum powders. However, travelers should exercise caution, as the packaging may not be entirely leak-proof.

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How to Use Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo

To experience the full benefits of Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo, simply sprinkle it over your body after a shower. The talc is not suitable for application on cuts and wounds.

Ingredients and Quantity

The Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo is enriched with the goodness of menthol, providing the icy coolness that makes it stand out. It comes in a 200g bottle, priced at Rs 130, and is readily available on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.


If you seek a talc that delivers instant cooling relief, invigorating fragrance, and effective control of body odour, Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo is an ideal choice. Embrace the thanda thanda cool cool experience and bid farewell to the scorching heat and discomfort of summers.

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