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Xiaomi Ode2Code: Exciting Internship Opportunities and Hiring!

Exciting opportunities at Xiaomi Ode2Code 3.0: Crack programming basics, submit prototypes, and engage with industry experts. Verify profiles now!

 Are you passionate about programming and looking for a remarkable opportunity to shine? Xiaomi Ode2Code 3.0 is here, offering internships and hiring prospects like never before! This article will guide you through the stages and timelines of this thrilling journey.

How Many Round are there in Xiaomi Ode2Code ?

there are mainly three round ,which are as follow,
  1. Profile Verification 
  2. Quiz Round I
  3. Quiz Round II
  4. Submission Round

Profile Verification

Before you dive into the quiz round, it's essential to get your profile verified. Every team member must submit their resume and Mi ID (if any) for authentication. Don't worry; it's a quick and straightforward process to ensure a level playing field.

Quiz Round I

The excitement intensifies as you step into Quiz Round I. Participants will face 20 questions on Programming Basics within a stipulated time. Remember, only the team lead can attempt the Online Quiz, so choose your lead wisely!

Quiz Round II

Congratulations to the shortlisted teams who made it through Quiz Round I! Brace yourself for Quiz Round II, where you'll tackle another set of 20 questions on Programming Basics. As with Round I, only the team lead can take part in the Online Quiz.

Submission Round

The most crucial stage is here: Submission Round! The selected teams must submit their prototypes based on the problem statement. Show off your creativity and technical expertise as you put your ideas into action.

Connect with Xiaomi Leaders

As you progress through the journey, there's a unique opportunity to connect with Xiaomi leaders. Engage in invaluable interactions and gain insights from industry experts. This experience will undoubtedly enrich your knowledge and open new doors.

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Xiaomi Ode2Code 3.0 provides an incredible platform for aspiring programmers to showcase their talent and be part of a leading tech giant. So, gear up, prepare yourselves, and embark on this thrilling adventure of a lifetime! Good luck!

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