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 Hey Readers ! if you are looking for free courses.

free IIT Goa Course

 IIT Goa has recently launched “MPI in Action – Parallelization of unsteady heat conduction solvers”, a free certification course for all the enthusiasts out there. This short course introduces the application of MPI to parallelize simple CFD solvers. At the end of the course, with the help of hands-on sessions, you will be able to write a parallel solver to deal with 2D unsteady heat conduction problems in Cartesian grids.

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You Will Learn :

  • Review of finite difference methods and MPI concepts
  • Parallelization of 1D unsteady heat conduction equation
  • Discretization of 2D heat conduction equation using finite difference/volume methods
  • Parallelization of 2D unsteady heat conduction equation

Education Need

  • Ph.D. (any stream of Science or Engineering)
  • Masters (any stream of Science or Engineering)
  • 3rd and 4th year UG Students (any stream of Science or Engineering)

Program Fees :

IIT Goa providing full free course and get premium certification.

This course will be a 2 Days learning program.

CLick Here To apply : Click Here

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