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Oracle Internship 2021 | UI design internship | Technilesh.com

Oracle Internship 2021 | UI design internship | Technilesh.com

  Hey Readers ! looking for Internship in UI designing this post is for You . Oracle UI / UX internship .

About Internship:

The Oracle offering the Summer Internship for Year of 2022 , The Undergraduate and Graduate who looking for world of User Experience ( UI / UX ) .The Internship also Contain PPO ( pre placement offer ).

An Oracle Design (UX) intern ,In this intern you will join a cohort of creative young professionals in an exciting program designed to immerse you in the fundamentals of UX Design, as well as guide you in exploring your budding design interests. Throughout the 8-week internship program, you will receive ongoing mentorship while participating in boot-camp style workshops. Through hands-on participation in real world design projects, you will deepen your knowledge and practice new skills in a variety of subject areas including Strategy & Innovation, User Experience & User Interface (UI) Design, Visual/Motion Design, User Research, Prototyping, Design Production, and more.

Qualification ?:

  1. You are a currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate student in your junior or senior year, or a master��s student in a graduate program
  2. You have a passion for design and a burning interest in entering the UX Design field; extensive design experience is not required as a pre-requisite, and we encourage non-traditional backgrounds (e.g., you might be studying fine art, architecture, psychology, brand and marketing, engineering, or other courses of study.)
  3. Available full-time, 40 hours per week during the work week for a 8 -10 week period during summer 2022.

Click Here to Apply : Click Here

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