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Suven tech Internship -2023 | Project based Internship

 Hey Reader $ You are locking for Project based Internship then You are at perfect location read all the instruction and stay with us.

About Suven 

Suven technology is reputed company and provide the virtual internship .project mentor are form companies like Accenture , TCS and other companies.

About Internship :

This is virtual project ,where suven were provide you one mentor which is from the Accenture ,TCS companies like .The mentor will help you in project .You get the project with all details and submit the all the project that you build and submit in the profile section, after that you need to take the test if you score 60% then you will get the Internship certification.

Field of Internship:

  1. Web Development ( UI \ UX ) : ( JAVA SCRIPT , PHP , AngularJS )
  2. Machine Learning , 
  3. NLP ,
  4.  Data Analyst , 
  5. Many more.

How To Apply :

Click Here To apply For Project Based Internship:

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