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Hey Girls Reader , So for Girls students New Opportunity is available which Contain Internship , TGB Club and Girls Community .

 About Fellowship : 

There is a saying that when you educate a girl child, you educate an entire family. Girls are not a burden to society rather a pride for the whole world. Let’s all work together for the empowerment of our girls through education and skill enhancement opportunities. An educated and skilled woman will be liberated and empowered. First and topmost priority should be to create sustainable opportunities / platforms to educate our girls. This is an important step towards women  empowerment.

What You Will get in Fellowship :

  1. Internship : Learn The New skills Like machine learning data science and more new skills.
  2. TGP Club : Only For Girl where you lead the Youth and also join challenges.
  3. Community Leader : You can lead the community.

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Click Here To Apply Certification :

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