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What is Cloud Gaming in 2021 & How the Cloud Gaming works-TechNilesh

What is vcloud Gaming and how it works . which technology working for cloud gaming


what is cloud ? How the Cloud works ?What is a Gaming cloud?

what is cloud ? How the Cloud works ?What is a Gaming cloud?


    what is cloud ? How the Cloud works ?What is a Gaming cloud?

    What is the cloud?

    The Cloud term used in nature, which is the source of Rain. In Computer World the Cloud is the Source of Information, where the internet is used to access i.e Send data & Receive data from the database. The Cloud is the same as the Local Host of your computer .where the Local Host is only limited to only your computer or your database. The Cloud is a Host, which accessible by users from anywhere via the internet. The Internet is the bridge between the user and the cloud as shown below. The cloud has an algorithm that works faster without any issue and also prevents data loss for the user. Cloud also helps to retrieve the important data of the user.

        Cloud  <------------> (Via Internet ) <------------> User

                        There are Many Cloud Provider,
    • Microsoft ( Microsoft )
    • Amazon &(AWS)
    • Google Cloud 
    • Many more
    • Xiaomi Cloud
    • Oneplus Cloud
    • Oppo and Vivo cloud (only for data storage )

    The is also used For Web services, Hosting, Security, and many more.
    The Cloud Having the strongest Security because it contained important information about users. I always use the cloud for data storage because we can access it from anywhere. Cloud can Store any data i.e. images, video, games, server files, big o data, and important data.

    The Cloud has a very simple and minimalist user interface (UI), that users can easily understand and use the function that. To store data on Cloud is very easy, the user just does manual updates or enabled automatic updates.




    How  Cloud works?

    We are moving ahead about the cloud, now we learn how the cloud works. Cloud is the same as localhost or just like to save the file in file manager and when we need just go to file manager and open it.

        Cloud  <----------------> (Via Internet ) <-----------------> User

    The above diagram shows the flow of data from the user to the cloud via the internet. It is the same as farming, cloud and soil are connected via raindrops .where rain is Internet and soil is the user. In the cloud, every user has specific size storage on Cloud where the user stores data. The user needs to upload data on the cloud, to upload data user needs a bridge, which is the internet .when the user needs the data just go to the cloud and load that specific data using the internet.

    Every Cloud Provider has their specific Algorithm based on their requirement. the google Photos is also on Cloud but this has a specific data types which photos and videos. 

    The Cloud is the future, where users don't need any localhost i. local storage to store data .the cloud data can be easily shareable. In the future, the cloud becomes stronger.

    what is cloud ? How the Cloud works ?What is a Gaming cloud?

    What is Gaming Cloud? 

    The Gaming Cloud's next step ahead of Cloud. Cloud gaming is referred to the streaming of games.
    The user does not need to have the game file on your pc, the user can play the game on the cloud directly. The many companies are working on the gaming cloud, the company likes Google stadia & Geforce.

    Users can run games directly through the cloud. it is a huge success in the computer & it industry.

    Cloud doesn't require time to time hardware updates of user. this is very useful for user that need not change the hardware of their device from time to time .to play games the high-end pc is not required and easily user play and stream the game.

    The new games can easily access by the user and play with no lags.

    The Video Gaming Industry is largely using the cloud for their games and video gaming companies don't require to specify the requirement. The gaming industry has a large future in the next 10 years because of the cloud.

    How the  Gaming Cloud Works? 

    This required and server and client connection i.e. internet .below is a diagram of the flow of data from server and client. On the Cloud, The gaming code/program should be available. the internet is used to join the server and client or user side. the user should have a decoder, which use to compile the code present on the cloud. the user should have the console to operate the game.the gaming is going to top-level in the future.

             Gaming Cloud
                 Game Code / program
    Video Game decoder
    Playing game

    on the cloud, multiple-player gaming should also be available.

    The gaming console is used to send the input to the cloud using the server, the input is access by the cloud and gives the input to gaming code present on the cloud and again the output of the program send to the user and the user decoder decode the output .using the video display the output is shown.   


    Mainly the Playstation is the best gaming platform and having many games on it but the PlayStation requires the game in the PlayStation database .the PlayStation is also developing an algorithm for google cloud .where the PlayStation games do not require the game on the user's storage to play.

    what is cloud ? How the Cloud works ?What is a Gaming cloud?

    What are the use and the advantages of the cloud?

    • Cloud is used in the video gaming industry.
    • Cloud is normally used for users to store the data to virtually.
    • Cloud also helps in the medical sector for live stream
    • cloud also help in machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Cloud use in any sector.

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